Strength Beyond the Cycle

Since few jobs are as physically and mentally demanding as motherhood, Peloton workouts give you strength both on and off the bike.

CW Jake Christiansen Co AD Jasmine Gainous


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Out of Home

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Social media creates an unrealistic image of motherhood. So Peloton will cut through the clutter of perfect pictures and encourage moms to hop off Instagram and onto a bike.

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IronMom Competition

On Mother’s Day Peloton will team up with Ironman to host a televised triathlon that showcases athlete moms. The competition concludes with a 40k ride on Peloton’s iconic indoor cycles.

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Gifts for a Pelo-mom

Moms who workout on Peloton cycles deserve gifts tailored to their sweat-soaked lifestyles. Peloton will offer spouses and kids better birthday, Christmas, and Mother’s Day options like protein balls in heart-shaped boxes and protein shakes.

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